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About Us

My interest for metal work began when I was in my early teens, helping work on stockcars. Then once I got into high school I took all the metal working classes, machine shop classes and apprenticed through high school in a local die shop.
Once graduated from High school I worked as a machinist until times slowed down in 2001. I then purchased some of my own equipment with starting my own business in mind. Over the next few years I did personal work and side jobs. There were parts of me at times I didn’t think I could start my own business. I doubted myself so much I just put it off and got comfortable at my day job.
Then I had my first child and having her open my eyes to what I wanted to teach my kids. I wanted to teach them you can really do or be anything you want as long as you do the work; by that I mean a lot of long hard work.
In 2013 I officially opened as a business. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients and do some unique projects. I take pride in that. If it wasn’t for the customers my dreams wouldn’t come true. So, I treasure the customers. I also take pride in my work.  Making the project as nice as possible so the customer is happy and they can take pride in it as well. I look at business as a snowball effect, if my work slacks so will the customers that come through the door.
We specialize in the unique pieces the one of a kind piece but we are not limited to those. At LMF we love metal. Any project you have made of metal; that is what we do. From one of a kind pieces, repairs, or production parts. We will do it all.
We are willing to do the smaller jobs that not all shops are willing to do. LMF is not a large shop we are growing and would like to continue to grow. In order to do that we need to continue to take care of our customers and make sure there needs are met.